AJ's Garage Door Repair of Tucson in the News

Tucson Garage Door Repair Pros Explain the Dangers Of Attempting DIY on Your Garage Door

AJ’s Garage Door Service of Tucson recently published a new video highlighting the dangers of homeowners trying to perform garage door repair in Tucson on their own.

AJ's Garage Door Repair of Tucson in the NewsAndrew Johns, General Manager and spokesman for AJ’s Garage Door Service of Tucson, says, “Usually, the largest mechanical device in your house is the overhead garage door. While the mechanism is complex and poses a threat to anyone without the know-how to take it apart safely, the most dangerous component of the overhead garage door is the spring (or springs, depending on your model). These springs are constantly under immense pressure, which means that it’s very easy for things to go wrong if you don’t know how to handle them properly. If the situation does take a turn for the worse, they can seriously injure or even kill you.”

“The figure might actually be a bit unbelievable, but according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, garage door related accidents are numbered in the thousands,” says Johns. “These accidents vary in their severity but they can lead to fractures, crushing, and even amputation. Considering that not all accident numbers are reported inside the US, the actual number of garage door related accidents is likely to be even higher than that. So believe us when we say that garage door repair and maintenance is not a do-it-yourself project. If you need anything done and done right, you need professionals. Feel free to contact us.”

AJ’s Garage Door Service of Tucson provide a variety of services related to garage doors, including full service garage door repairs, garage door opener installation and repairs, repair of broken overhead garage door springs or ​broken garage door cables and realignment of off-track doors, and more. If a client has need of it, AJ’s is also able to provide complete garage door rebuilds.

Johns says, “Our first priority is to provide a professional and affordable service to the residents of Tucson and surrounding communities. Garage doors are a part of your home and it can be stressful if they are broken or are simply not working. This is why we have a policy of doing our absolute best to serve you the same day you call. Whatever problem you are having with your garage door, we’ll be at your doorstep as promptly as possible. From there, we can diagnose the issue at hand and then provide you with the options you have. It is up to you to decide exactly what you want to do, if there is more than one way to fix the problem.”

AJ’s Garage Door Service of Tucson’s dedication to their service is evident in their customer reviews. On Google, the company boasts a perfect five star rating. In one such five star review, Reyna Villagran, a Google Local Guide for Tucson, says “I’m impressed. My garage door stopped working on Sunday night. I called and left a message with AJ’s Garage Door Repair explaining the situation. I got a call back first thing on Monday morning and they were out within an hour to get things fixed. The price was a lot lower than what my neighbor told me to expect to pay, so I was very happy. Thanks, guys!”

The company also maintains a perfect rating on Yelp, where Tina E. says in her review, “I called up AJ’s garage and Josh answered the phone promptly and professionally. My door would only go up a few inches and right away he knew what the problem was, he even explained the issue over the phone. Turns out it was a broken spring. Josh was over within the hour to fix the problem; he was very quick and knowledgeable. He even went a step above and did a full service of the door for no extra cost. I would definitely recommend him for any garage door needs.”

Those interested in learning more about AJ’s Garage Door Service of Tucson and the services they provide can find more information on the company’s website. Interested parties are also encouraged to get in touch with Andrew Johns directly. In addition to the website, AJ’s Garage Door Service of Tucson also maintains a presence on Facebook, where they post regular updates and communicate with their customers.