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Our national parks are a national treasure.  Helping everyone understand the beauty and importance of our lands and parks is the mission of the National Parks Service.  In the western United States, since 1938 it has been the WNPA (Western National Parks Association) that manages over 70 parks, endeavoring to develop and create products and programs that help enrich the experience for all visitors.  Oro Valley is fortunate to house the Western National Parks Association – National Parks Store, where every purchase helps to support parks, monuments, recreational areas and memorials throughout the west.

Western National Parks Store in Oro Valley, ArizonaThe WNPA helps to educate people about the use of the land, and in the desert of southern Arizona, it can be easy to miss how much actual life exists around us here.  The wildlife and vegetation can look mysterious and unapproachable at times, but with proper education provided by the likes of the Parks Association, young and old alike can open their eyes and be exposed to a whole new appreciation for all that the desert, as well as other western climates, offers.

Beyond the souvenirs, maps and books that you will find at the WNPA store, you can also rest assured that the proceeds gained don’t simply churn out more of the same ol’, same ol’.  Not at all. In fact, the WNPA is constantly striving to find new ways of reaching its audience, from multimedia presentations online to interactive displays found within the store itself.

For a small example of what this wonderful organization does, just watch this 3 minute video.  Not only will you see some of the beauty and wonder that has been and continues to be managed for the betterment of all, but you’ll get a sense of the pride put into the work done.

To get a sense of what others think of this place, here are a handful of reviews from the more than 100 found on Google with an average rating of 4.6 out of five (as of the publication of this page of information)

  • Great Southwest-nature-museum store with something for everybody: books, pottery, posters, music, videos, stuffed animals, toys, and whatever. The last 2 years they had a demonstration/sale of Oaxacan animal carvings, with hundreds of carvings and artists creating them from hunks of wood on site — I think the event is in April.” – R. Brown
  • A very nice store with a wide variety of items for sale, in almost all price points. went there for their 15% off sale, and it is 15% off everything including things that have already been marked down which is a great bargain. The store is in a nice business Park area with great landscaping that captures the feel of Western Parks. Highly recommend.”  – L. Perry
  • Impressive gift shop with anything you could ever want in a Tucson gift shop! I especially liked the turquoise ring collection, sacred sage, and various books.Now here’s the real tippity tip – if you’re ever bored on a Saturday in Tucson, you can sign up for various (free) events here. We went today to watch a 70 minute video that a couple made of their travels to the Arctic and it was quite well done! The couple was there to introduce themselves and answer questions at the end, but the movie they made was played on a massive HD TV.NOTE- you have to sign up for these events in advance and they do fill up. You literally have to call and reserve your spot right when they open up. We tried to reserve spots for next weeks “an armchair walking tour of Tucson” and it was already all booked.”  – Lindsey J. on Yelp.com

The store is located at 12880 N. Vistoso Village Drive Tucson, AZ 85755 (520) 622-6014

Driving Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/juUKTxsjGCXpUEbF8

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